That Curious Word, “Homophobia”

≡ Gay Video of the Week I’ve never liked the word “homophobia.” It implies fear, and I honestly don’t think most people who are anti-gay fear us. They don’t jump when they see us like we’re a bee or spider. Their hearts don’t pound and their palms don’t get clammy. We don’t evoke the same […]

Talking about Talking about Trump

I want to circle back to the event that led me to revive this blog sooner than I had otherwise planned. Trump is controversial. On this, if nothing else, I think we can all agree. I think everyone knows there’s lots of disagreement about Trump — really passionate disagreement. And this is totally OK. What’s not […]

Remembering College

Frank Bruni’s column today in the New York Times — How To Get the Most Out of College — got me to thinking. First I thought of the kids we know who are going off to college this month: neighbor kids on both sides, our friend’s son Andy, and my “great-niece-in-law.” (I forgot Stephanie initially […]

Still Sayin’

When I launched my website in November 2016 I included a blog, Just Sayin’. I didn’t actually plan to use it that much but then days later Trump was elected. Surprise! Suddenly there seemed quite a lot to talk about. I blogged actively for 8 or 9 months. It was fun, but eventually I pulled back. […]