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When I launched my website in November 2016 I included a blog, Just Sayin’. I didn’t actually plan to use it that much but then days later Trump was elected. Surprise! Suddenly there seemed quite a lot to talk about. I blogged actively for 8 or 9 months. It was fun, but eventually I pulled back. Work and life were busy and demanded my attention.


I’ve retained a few of the more notable posts during that first phase of my blog. You’ll find them at Just Sayin’ Classic, a handle I borrowed from Coca-Cola!

In particular, I hope you’ll check these out:

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Just Sayin’ 2.0

Before long I found I still had the itch to write and express myself, so here we are: Just Sayin’ 2.0.

Why now? Events over the past week have brought me to this decision. A friend from college read my Inauguration Day post for the first time last week and sent the most generous feedback. She reminded me how much I value this platform.

She read the Friends Don’t Let Friends post after a rather “spirited” discussion on my Facebook page. Folks got a little hot in that discussion. I ended up deleting it since Facebook doesn’t have a function to close discussion like moderators can do on other platforms. It wasn’t the disagreements but rather the tone that prompted my acton. In the week since I’ve been rethinking how I want to use Facebook.

There’s a lot of political discussion and debate on Facebook — which is fine, to a point. I’ve certainly contributed my share. Yet while this is OK I find myself thinking this week about the broad spectrum of friends I have on Facebook. I’ve got family, current neighbors, former neighbors, coworkers, old high school and college friends, a few mere acquaintances and some people I’ve never met in person, communists, socialists, liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, religious, very religious, agnostics, atheists, young, old, gay, straight, transgender, Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Trump haters and Trump lovers. I have friends in China, Vietnam, Australia and elsewhere.

My Facebook friends are a true smorgasbord. Which I love! I think diversity enriches life. But with this diversity comes a certain responsibility. Those friends on Facebook who share my opposition to Trump don’t need validation or reinforcement. Those who like Trump don’t need me to antagonize them. I think most people prefer fun or inspiration over heartburn as they scroll through Facebook. That will be my main focus there.

I’ll still touch on politics at times on Facebook, but I can do most of my political pontification over here on this blog. My posts will be linked to Facebook where those who are truly interested can click over. I won’t be forcing anyone.

People who know me know that I love talking politics. And I love debate. It’s boring just living in an echo chamber of one’s own ideas. But I also believe in civil discourse. Indeed I think it’s essential, and it’s possible. Like the expression says, “We can disagree without being disagreeable.”

That’s what we’ll have here. I look forward to it.

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