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When I launched my website,, in November 2016 I included a blog under the banner Just Sayin’. I created the website to concentrate on a few subject areas and the blog was almost as an afterthought. I didn’t actually plan to write much, but then a few days later Trump was elected. Surprise! Suddenly there seemed quite a lot to talk about and I blogged actively for 8 or 9 months. It was fun, but eventually I pulled back. Work and life demanded my attention.

I’ve decided to jump back in and today I’m launching a new blog — Just Sayin’ 2.0 — now on the WordPress platform. My previous platform was rather crude for blogging purposes. It didn’t reformat for small screens and there was no comment function. The visual and technical quality here will much improved!

I’ve weeded out the first blog retaining a few of the more notable posts. Click below if you’d like to visit, but for reasons I just mentioned I recommend that you use use a desktop or laptop.

Just Sayin’ 2.0

Why blog again? Last week a friend from college read my Inauguration Day post — Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Trump… Or Do They? — for the first time and sent the most generous feedback. She reminded me how much I value writing.

Blogging provides an opportunity to really delve into subjects in a way that isn’t possible on Facebook. And with a diversity of friends across a wide spectrum, not everyone wants to be bothered with posts on topics of controversy. With a blog I can say what I want, take my time doing it, reference citations, add pictures and videos — and only those who really want to read need to see it.

People who know me know that I love talking politics. And I love debate. It’s boring just living in an echo chamber of one’s own ideas. But I also believe in civil and respectful discourse. That will be the rule here. As long as we do that, all comments and discussion are welcome. Like the expression says, “We can disagree without being disagreeable.”

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back. I look forward to it.

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