The Facebook Hack

My sister reported trouble getting into Facebook the past few days — which I’ll be helping with — and then we got to talking about the Facebook hack this week. I’ve been so busy I’ve barely paid attention to the Kavanaugh brouhaha let alone Facebook. After we spoke I read a bit online and then […]

The Death Penalty

I have been opposed to the Death Penalty my whole life. I have various reasons, one of which is powerfully demonstrated in this clip from the Today Show aired yesterday on NBC. Valentino Dixon spent 27 years in Attica for a murder he didn’t commit. The actual killer confessed two days after Dixon was arrested, plus […]

Don’t You Just Hate It When…

Pet Peeves. We all have them. You know, those little things — sometimes big things! — that just irritate in that special way.  It’s best to just take them in stride, but… Not so easy. Here are a few of mine, in no particular order (well maybe just a little in order). It’s not an […]

Thou Shalt Not Love

≡ Gay Video of the Week Prejudice and bigotry against peoples of color, Jews, immigrants and others is rooted in class society where the ruling class needs to keep the working class divided against itself. The idea is divide and conquer, basically, so that workers will see each other as the problem and not the […]