Don’t You Just Hate It When…

Pet Peeves. We all have them. You know, those little things — sometimes big things! — that just irritate in that special way.  It’s best to just take them in stride, but… Not so easy. Here are a few of mine, in no particular order (well maybe just a little in order). It’s not an exhaustive list.

What about you? What are some of yours?

◼︎ Videos shot in vertical orientation. Oh, the humanity!

◼︎ Cars that putz along in the left and center lanes. There ought to be a law. Oh, wait… there is!

◼︎ Empty bottles left on the office water cooler — especially when changing them is so healthy.

◼︎ When people take forever maneuvering in or out of their parking space. (Watch video on YouTube.)


◼︎ When people straddle the line taking up two parking spaces — especially when it’s deliberate!

◼︎ Missing the bus by just seconds.

◼︎ People talking in theaters.

◼︎ That itch that’s either out of reach or too rude to scratch.

◼︎ Hitting ‘Send’ — only then seeing that damn typo I overlooked while proofreading a dozen thymes.

◼︎ Autocorrect — especially when it changes the preceding word that was the correct word spelled properly.

◼︎ Aggressive pop-up ads.

◼︎ Click-bait websites.

◼︎ Those Copy & Paste posts on Facebook. Please don’t make me read 10 paragraphs and then tell me I have to copy & paste it onto my own timeline — not Share — to prove we’re really friends, or that I truly care about cancer, or whatever. Remember chain letters?

◼︎ Bad grocery store etiquette. Some block half the aisle and then stand beside their cart blocking the other half where I could otherwise pass by. One tine someone actually parked crossways like a police blockade. I honestly try to park my cart out of the way each time I stop, and then position myself so people can get by. Silly me.

◼︎ News broadcasts that tease you about a story they say is coming up next. It turns out that “next” is after several commercial breaks and a bunch of other stores.

◼︎ Remembering that thing I specifically went out to buy — after I arrive back home from the store. Grrrr!

◼︎ Forgetting why I walked into the room…

◼︎ …followed by remembering once I return back to where I’d been.

◼︎ Going into a stall in the Men’s Room to find the seat lined with toilet paper. Dude! I get that you’re afraid your tush might touch a germ, but then you leave this mess behind?!

Finally, last but not least…

◼︎ Trump, of course.


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