The Facebook Hack

My sister reported trouble getting into Facebook the past few days — which I’ll be helping with — and then we got to talking about the Facebook hack this week. I’ve been so busy I’ve barely paid attention to the Kavanaugh brouhaha let alone Facebook.

After we spoke I read a bit online and then checked my Facebook account. Lo & behold, there have been various devices logged into my Facebook account over the last few days in Ohio, Tennessee and other places. Lord knows what they’ve been doing. Nothing I’ve noticed at least.


Working from my computer I ended all active sessions across my account and then changed my Facebook password. When I went back to my iPhone and iPad, I was logged out and had to log back in with the new password. All those rogue devices will have to do the same, except they won’t have my credentials any longer. I would suggest everyone else do the same. Periodic password changes are Best Practice anyway.

It can be a bit of a bother, but I also recommend using Two-Factor Authentication. That way, your password alone is not sufficient to log in. You also need to enter a code that gets sent by text to your cellphone.

A Request to my Facebook Friends: If you have a comment I encourage you to enter it below instead of on Facebook. This way everyone can participate in the conversation!

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