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It’s May 1st! A great time for renewal, except perhaps for my friends in the southern hemisphere (sorry). This past weekend I completed a series of upgrades to my website, Most followers here are probably unaware that my blog is part of a larger platform. I thought I’d share some highlights today.

I launched my website in November 2016. It’s been a few years now and things needed a bit of a refresher, including a new homepage.

Life 2.0


Back on New Years Day I launched Life 2.0, a new section focusing on Mindfulness and Meditation. I haven’t mastered these yet — not by a long shot — but this is the journey I’m on. This section includes extensive videos with people I consider my teachers: Eckhart Tolle, Tara Brach, Andy Puddicombe and David Allen.

I invite you to join me on this journey.

Life 2.0

Gay Videos


The latest upgrade has been a complete rebuild of my Gay Videos section which is divided into five subgroups:

  • Gay Video of the Week
  • Snapshots of Gay History as Told Thru Video
  • Coming Out Stories
  • Gay Film
  • Gay Television

Gay Films looks at three recent mainstream theatrical releases — Love, Simon; Call Me By Your Name; and Boy Erased — and at the past history of gays in motion pictures. Gay Films also streams 35 independent short gay films. Grab some popcorn!

Gay Videos

Dr. William Edgar Geil & the Great Wall of China


This section isn’t new but is the centerpiece of my website. My grandfather, Dr. William Edgar Geil, was the first person of any race or nationality documented to have walked the entire length of China’s Great Wall. He did this in 1908. This history is largely unknown but family and friends in the United States and China are working diligently to revive Geil’s legacy.

Few of us knew of each other at New Years 2008. Then an astonishing series of events around the globe over six months culminated with an international gathering at Geil’s gravesite just in time to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his accomplishment. It’s still hard to believe, but you can see it all here.

Dr. William Edgar Geil & the Great Wall of China

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  1. llsmith29 says:

    Love your blog, Bob! I am so impressed with your online presence.

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