The State of Pride Today


Pride Month is winding down for this 50th year since Stonewall. I hope you’ve enjoyed my weekly posts marking this milestone. We’ve made remarkable progress since Stonewall, but the struggle continues. We advance, backlash follows, but we continue the fight — and we are winning.

For this last Pride Month 2019 post, I thought I’d take a look at where we stand today.

A big part of Pride is what we do as individuals. Everyone can make a difference! A case in point is how 18-year-old Erin Bailey brought Pride to the Vice President’s doorstep last year in Columbus, Indiana.

Support from the straight community runs deep despite how vocal the haters can be and their occasional victories. Straight support comes from surprising quarters sometimes and takes interesting forms. I am grateful for it all!

Title image: Screen grab from CNN.

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