2 in 1

We’ve seen and heard so much these past few years. In this one week two moments sum it all up.

Moment 1

On Monday, Trump condemned white supremacy. Well, he said the words anyway.

Now… If he could just manage this message with his usual spontaneity and passion, absent the teleprompter, prepared text and stilted delivery, maybe I could believe.

Mmmm. Nah!

Moment 2

Today Melania Trump posted on Twitter about their trips to El Paso and Dayton.

One of the pictures, taken in El Paso, stands out. No single image has revealed more starkly the absence of empathy and cold inhumanity of this President.

This 2-month old infant lost his parents in the slaughter last week, orphaned forever. But it’s thumbs up for Trump. This is great! A celebratory moment. An opportunity to display his compassion.



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