I Hope…


For once I hope the conservative right-wing media and pundits are correct. This is the first and probably last time you’ll hear me say it.

Increasingly they seem to be saying all this talk about the virus is malarkey, and even worse, nefarious. Fauci is running some kind of game or something. The “threat” is overblown, the death count is exaggerated, and it’s past time to put a stop to this attack. If we need to mobilize with assault rifles to demand liberation from Health Department tyranny, so be it.

I hope they’re right. I hope it’s not that contagious (and not much different than the flu anyway), and I hope it might just fade away where we won’t need a vaccine. I hope it’ll be proven that conservative right-wing politicians, pundits and think tanks know more than doctors and scientists.

I hope in a few months we’ll look back and laugh at how silly and gullible we were. I hope we’re all still here to enjoy that laugh.

We can all say whatever we will. In the end the virus will prove us right or wrong. This is one time I hope I’m wrong.

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