Let’s Talk

≡ Gay Video of the Week Perusing YouTube I’ve stumbled upon two very special videos that stand in stark contrast to the anger and polarization of today. Two young guys engage in a conversation that easily might not happen between a lot of people. Donavan Barrett and his friend Joseph, early twenties and late teens […]

Thou Shalt Not Love

≡ Gay Video of the Week Prejudice and bigotry against peoples of color, Jews, immigrants and others is rooted in class society where the ruling class needs to keep the working class divided against itself. The idea is divide and conquer, basically, so that workers will see each other as the problem and not the […]

That Curious Word, “Homophobia”

≡ Gay Video of the Week I’ve never liked the word “homophobia.” It implies fear, and I honestly don’t think most people who are anti-gay fear us. They don’t jump when they see us like we’re a bee or spider. Their hearts don’t pound and their palms don’t get clammy. We don’t evoke the same […]