Epilogue: Democrats Do It Too

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Republicans hold no monopoly on the “morals-of-convenience” displayed in the Fox News clips. This is shown clearly through a comparison of the Clinton and Trump impeachments.

With Coronavirus dominating our lives now, it feels like years ago that Trump was facing Impeachment. At the time, Republicans railed about the injustice of it all — even calling it a “political lynching” at one point. Democrats and liberals were outraged, arguing this was racist, insensitive and belittled the gravity of lynchings in our history. It was probably all these things. But… Democrats conveniently forgot that they themselves characterized Clinton’s impeachment as a “political lynching” in 1998.

In fighting Trump’s impeachment, Republicans argued the Democrats’ real goal was to reverse the 2016 election. When Clinton was impeached, Democrats charged Republicans with trying to reverse the 1996 election.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee are almost indistinguishable. Both react with shock and indignation when their tactics today are used by the other side tomorrow. The two impeachments reveal this with stark clarity. Roles were reversed in 1998 and 2020, otherwise everything was eerily similar.

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