Week of September 7, 2020

I ❤️ NY!
Friday, September 11

New York City is one of my favorite places. David and I married there in Central Park in 2014. We had a great time and managed to escape with our lives.

9/11 — Then & Now
Friday, September 11
The Militant, September 24, 2001 issue

With all the craziness these days, it’s easy to forget there was government lying and abuse of power before Trump. The 9/11 attacks 19 years ago today have been used as pretext to restrain and tighten our democratic rights in many ways, big and small. The Socialist Workers Party, while rejecting all terrorist actions such those unfolding on September 11, nonetheless foresaw the pending consequences following the attacks and issued a statement that morning which remains relevant to this day. It said in part,

“In coming days, as the administration acts on Bush’s vow ‘to hunt down and punish those responsible,’ the labor movement and all democratic-minded organizations and individuals must be on the alert to protest government frame-up trials and oppose its trampling on the presumption of innocence; the right to due process; Fourth Amendment protections against arbitrary search, seizure, and wiretaps; and freedom of association without spying and harassment by government informers and agents provocateurs. The last four years of the Clinton administration, and the opening months of the Bush White House, have been marked by stepped-up bipartisan efforts to strengthen the federal death penalty, erode the rights of the accused and convicted, and increase the room for commando-style operations by the U.S. Border Patrol and other Immigration and Naturalization Service cops, the FBI, and other federal assault agencies.”

Memes of the Week
Sunday, September 13

Here are a few interesting memes of the week.

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