Week of September 14, 2020

Something Is In the Air – 1
Monday, September 14

The Trump camp is going full-bore nuts. First I see Roger Stone calling on Trump to declare Martial Law if he loses the election. Stone calls on Trump to also arrest Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Clintons, and anyone else who can be proven to be engaged in illegal activity — except himself and Trump, of course. This whole thing just gets more and more insane.

Something Is In the Air – 2
Monday, September 14

Next I see that conservative evangelical pastor Rick Joyner appeared on the Jim Bakker Show calling on Christians to “mobilize” for a civil war against left-wing activists.

Something Is In the Air – 3
Monday, September 14

Next I see Michael Caputo, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs with Health and Human Services (HHS), claim there’s a resistance unit of scientists organizing against Trump within the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Caputo claims they are deliberately extending the COVID crisis to hurt Trump’s reelection. He warned Trump supporters to buy ammunition for defense against an armed insurrection.

Trump Goes Low(er)
Tuesday, September 15

Trump re-tweeted an outrageous attack asserting that Joe Biden is a pedophile using the hashtag #PedoBiden. It’s widely known that Biden has made women uncomfortable with touching he claims was innocent but not perceived that way by the women involved. Regardless of Biden’s stated intent, it’s the way the women felt that’s important and he shouldn’t do it. Construing that Biden is a pedophile is appalling unless those making the accusation have proof or strong evidence — in which case they need to make this known to the appropriate authorities. Anything less is baseless gutter politics.

Screenshot from Twitter

Shameless Hypocrisy
Sunday, September 20
From my Facebook

I can’t post this week’s Random Snippets without mention of the death on Friday of Ruth Bader Ginsburg followed by Mitch McConnell’s shameless and despicable hypocrisy in moving forward with confirmation of a replacement after blocking Obama’s nominee in 2016. This is a clear wanton power play without regard to decency or fairness at any level. Republicans are spinning their justifications, only to look more pathetic each time. I was so incensed Friday night that I broke my rule of not raising controversial subjects on Facebook, which is the reason for this page each Sunday night. I post here instead. I have a lot more to say. If interested, you can read my post this afternoon entitled ‘A plague o’ both your houses!

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