Week of July 13, 2020

Hospitals Ordered to Bypass CDC, Report Directly to White House
Wednesday, July 15

The new White House mandate that hospitals bypass the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and submit all COVID-related data directly to Health & Human Services (HHS) is deeply disturbing, to say the least! It seems hardly coincidental that this comes on the heels of White House efforts to discredit Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Tuesday op-ed by four former CDC directors serving under both parties alarmed at Trump’s politicization of the health crisis. I smell a rat.

Cuba Credits Two Drugs with Slashing Coronavirus Death Toll
Wednesday, July 15

A report by Reuters from late May was posted today on Facebook. It reported Cuba’s progress in treating COVID patients. The country provides universal healthcare. It included this summary that seems instructive today, “Swift action helped Cuba contain its outbreak. After closing borders, schools and public transportation in March, Cuba urged residents to stay home, made wearing of masks obligatory, and employed effective contact tracing to curb the virus spread.”

Trump Administration Threatens Social Security & Medicare
Friday, July 17

Multiple news outlets are reporting the Trump Administration won’t support another COVID stimulus bill unless it includes cuts to Social Security and Medicare. This comes as no surprise. The Ruling Class has long wanted to reduce these entitlements. This comes as the Administration is also seeking to eliminate Obamacare at the same time millions have lost their employer-based health insurance.

Unidentified Federal Agents Swoop In to Detain Protesters
Saturday, July 18th
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Screenshot from CNN

Disturbing reports indicate that unidentified Federal agents — apparently Homeland Security — are scooping protesters off the street in Portland, Oregon and Columbus, Ohio. This news comes from Oregon Public Broadcasting, the New York Times, NBC, CNN, Raw Story and other sources. CNN reports “The US Attorney for the Oregon District on Friday requested an investigation into the masked, camouflaged federal authorities without identification badges who are arresting protesters in Portland.” NBC reports “Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum sued the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies Friday night, alleging that federal law enforcement officers sent to Portland to suppress the Black Lives Matter protests violated the Constitution by unlawfully detaining and arresting demonstrators without probable cause.”

Trump Seeks to Block Funding for COVID Testing, Contact Tracing and the CDC
Saturday, July 18th

The Washington Post reports that “The Trump administration is trying to block billions of dollars for states to conduct testing and contact tracing in the upcoming coronavirus relief bill, people involved in the talks said Saturday.” And, “The administration is also trying to block billions of dollars that GOP senators want to allocate for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…” This comes as the virus is surging in many states and after the Administration already sought to cut CDC by $693 million in February as the pandemic was starting to heat up.

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