Week of July 27, 2020

Biden’s Few Too Many Stumbles
Monday, July 27

Trump can’t tolerate disagreement. Anyone with a different perspective has a character flaw or is physically defective in some way: fat, lazy, low IQ, mother wears combat boots… always something that diminishes their humanity. He has nicknames for everyone. I think it’s “Sleepy Joe Biden” these days. Trump loves to slam Biden’s mental acuity, constantly boasting how he passed his own dementia test. I stumbled upon this video and have to concede Trump may have a point. Now, this video is highly partisan and prejudiced, with the narrator taking numerous potshots at Biden that could easily be thrown at Trump’s glass house. Nonetheless, these clips do give pause.

Whiplashed Again!
Tuesday, July 28

Trump took a sharp turn last week from his Coronavirus denials and minimalism with the relaunch of his Coronavirus press briefings. Although he strategically kept the medical experts away from the cameras, he nonetheless tried to present himself as seriously addressing the issue. It only lasted a week, but still I’m impressed. By Monday he was posting the “White Coat Summit” — see my post — that totally contradicts the world scientific and medical communities as well as his own task force, slamming Fauci again (below), and chastising governors again for reopening too slowly. Meanwhile Dr. Birx was in Tennessee counseling that state to slow down and last week Kellyanne Conway chastised governors for having moved too fast. Whiplashed again! Trump is like a little boy squirming in his seat in church. He can only contain himself a few minutes.

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Coming Crisis of Bourgeois Democracy
Thursday, July 30

This morning Trump is suggesting the November elections be delayed. Most assuredly he’ll keep chipping away between now and then — at which point I anticipate we’ll see the most serious crisis of bourgeois democracy in our lifetimes. Somehow he deems it safe to open up all the states and send every child back to the classroom, but it’s not safe enough to vote.

Final Message to the World from John Lewis
Thursday, July 30

John Lewis asked the New York Times to publish a letter on the day of his funeral — today — serving as his final message to the world: “Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation.” Morgan Freeman has recorded a reading of Lewis’ letter which MSNBC has posted.

Always Fact Check — Always!
Friday, July 31

Several of my Facebook Friends have posted a 2009 tweet by Donald Trump condemning then-President Obama for mishandling the N1H1 influenza pandemic (see below). This certainly looks like something Trump would tweet — except he didn’t, as reported by both and It’s hard to criticize Trump and conservatives for disregarding facts if we don’t hold ourselves to the same standard we preach. I appeal to everyone on all sides: Always verify something before you post, even if it coincides with your opinions and biases. There have been times I was certain something was correct, only to find it wasn’t after all. Let’s not be adding to the flood of misinformation out there, no matter how innocent our intentions. Please fact check!

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Ignorance is Bliss
Saturday, August 1
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