Week of August 3, 2020

Going Postal
Wednesday, August 5

 If the Post Office can’t handle one or several ballots from households across the country, as Trump claims, how do they handle the holidays when households send out 50 to 100-plus cards each, businesses mail out hundreds or even thousands of cards — and then all the packages on top of that?

Attack Against NRA is Attack Against All
Friday, August 7

‪The NRA and/or its officials may be guilty of various crimes (tax fraud or whatever) but the suit by the NY Attorney General to dissolve this private political organization is an attack on everyone’s political rights & should be defeated.‬ I personally abhor the NRA but that doesn’t make this attack acceptable.

A Different Perspective in the 2020 Elections
Saturday, August 8

I felt really saddened reading the New York Times this morning. Congress couldn’t agree on a new relief package this week, meager as it would have been. Perhaps they’ll strike a deal yet, but losing the $600 unemployment assistance even a few weeks will trigger an irreversible downward spiral for millions when they lose their homes, cars, etc. The two parties squabble while working people be damned. We’re seeing vividly these days how a system built for private profit over human need isn’t capable of handling a crisis like this. Yes, Trump is uniquely awful, but our problems didn’t start with him. This KGMI radio interview with candidates from the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) points out the bigger problem here and a way forward.

CDC & Science Brings Navajo Nation Back from Brink
Sunday, August 9

This report was broadcast on this evening’s NBC Nightly News. The Navajo Nation was on the brink of catastrophe with COVID tests coming in at a rate of 30-40% positive. As the report explains, they took action. They adhered strictly to CDC guidance including everyone wearing masks — and they flattened the curve. They still remain at risk as do we all, but they have taken control of the situation. They’ve also shown us how we can do the same. [Video can be expanded to full screen.]

A Sobering Look Into Our Future?
Sunday, August 9

A report published this week in the New York Times presents a sobering look at our future in the U.S. if we don’t follow the example of the Navajo Nation above. Australia is in all-out struggle against a resurgence of COVID-19 — which, by the way, is happening in their Winter. Ours is approaching. According to the paper, Australia is struggling to even figure out when it’s safe to walk dogs! Apparently individual compliance is a problem there, similar to the U.S., and is causing trouble. To quote the report: “The chief modelers of the pandemic response in Australia have found that the virus can be suppressed only if more than 70 percent of the population abides by social distancing guidelines and other public health rules.” Policing and fines to enforce compliance is intensifying. Quoting again: “Walking to get groceries, Peter Barnes, 56, said he welcomed the stricter rules, though he admitted his city was starting to feel like George Orwell’s ‘1984,’ with the heavy hand of the state around every corner.”

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