Week of August 10, 2020

Fact Lives Matter!
Thursday, August 13

It came to my attention this morning that a viral video is circulating on social media with the apparent intent to make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appear drunk or something. It showed her speaking at a press conference on May 20, 2020. I’ve done enough video editing in my life to tell immediately that it was slowed down, which disturbs me. I have no interest in defending Pelosi but I am very interested in defending facts. I’m sure some people posting the doctored video are doing so innocently for fun. But, I’m also certain many are posting it to prove she’s old and diminished. Which might be true — so make the case the legitimately! Using a manipulated video is like a cop planting drugs or a gun at a crime scene. This fabricated “evidence” proves nothing except that the people posting it have no case. EuroNews reported the story (below). You can find the doctored video and the actual video here.

Eerie Echoes
Saturday, August 15

Today we watched the documentary, Anne Frank Remembered. It’s a powerful work, meticulously detailed, and included extensive interviews of people who knew the Frank family such as Miep Gies. She helped hide the Franks and cared for their daily needs. The word “fascism” is frequently invoked these days by some liberals and leftists against Trump. In matter of fact, fascism is a specific political phenomena that does not exist at this time. Trump is a certainly rightist demagog, but to say he’s a fascist is hyperbole. Nonetheless… I can’t help but be disturbed by what feels like eerie echoes of Hitler’s earliest days.

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