Week of August 17, 2020

A Bad, Bad Week for Trump
Thursday, August 20

Trump famously declared in 2016 that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and there would be no consequence. Like a cat, he does seem to have 9 lives, but I wonder how many are left. So far this week…

  1. Following the earlier Supreme Court ruling in this matter, a Federal court has ruled again that Trump must hand over his taxes to the New York District Attorney.
  2. The Republican-chaired Senate Intelligence Committee has released a report substantiating key findings in the Mueller Report and even going beyond. Mueller’s work was a prosecutorial investigation that had to stay within certain bounds. The Senate had more lattitude to look at political aspects that aren’t necessarily criminal. The actual document is online, though heavily redacted.
  3. Trump ally and an architect of the 2016 campaign, Steve Bannon, was arrested under allegations that he and others pocketed meny donated by citizens to build the wall.

I’m So Rude!
Sunday, August 23

There’s always a crop of Trump memes circulating. These are a few I couldn’t resist.

Fingers Crossed!
Sunday, August 23

Trump announced today that the FDA has issued an Emergency Authorization for investigational convalescent plasma on hospitalized COVID patients. Dr. Fauci and others have warned against jumping into plasma therapy prematurely before tests and studies are complete, and on August 19 the FDA halted approval. Trump condemned these precautions claiming they were politically motivated to help Biden and hurt him by delaying COVID treatments until after the November 3 election. After what must have been intense pressure these last few days, FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, MD, appeared on stage with Trump this afternoon for the announcement. Trump claimed that while the cautions this week had been motivated by politics and not medical science, he assured us today — on the eve of the RNC Convention — that his approval was not politically motivated. Neither assertion is the slightest bit credible! But no surprise. In any event, although the Mayo Clinic advises of certain risks, other reports I’ve heard say that using plasma now won’t be particularly dangerous. The main problem will be that by jumping to it prematurely before studies are complete, its true efficacy won’t be clear. That said, since Trump is throwing caution to the wind and plowing ahead, at least it’s better than injecting Clorox. My fingers are crossed that people receiving this plasma therapy will be helped and recover. We can sort out the politics and motivations later.

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