Week of August 24, 2020

Trump Declares Ballot Drop Boxes a Threat
Monday, August 24

President Trump is now fighting ballot drop boxes, even suing Pennsylvania to stop them. He claims they are a COVID hazard — but mass in-person voting isn’t, he seems to think. The hazard he’s actually afraid of is a free and open election where the most people possible can vote. He implies that drop boxes are a Democratic plot to rig the election. Well, let’s look at Ohio, a predominantly Republican state with a Republican governor that Trump won in 2016. As reported in Time Magazine: “And in Ohio, where the state required that a drop box be placed in each of its 88 counties for the primary, Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose — who says they were “absolutely” secure during the primary — has argued that he does not have the legal authority to expand drop boxes for the general election beyond the one per county.” Apparently LaRose and Governor DeWine didn’t get the memo.

Kellyanne Conway to Leave White House
Monday, August 23

This White House exudes drama and chaos daily, and today is no different. It’s been announced the Kellyanne Conway is leaving and her husband George Conway is going to take a break from Twitter and from the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. Their 15-year-old daughter has posted on social media that she wants to be emancipated from the family and be adopted out. Wow. So her parents are dropping everything to come home and address their family issues. I’m being sincere when I say I wish them the best, certainly for their children’s sake. Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff, has acknowledged this will be loss. I’m sure it will be! Conway has been an exemplary hack, endlessly defending the indefensible. I keep remembering her in 2016 before she signed onto the Trump team. She was working for Ted Cruz and ripped into Trump with the same gusto she has since applied to defending and advocating for him. It’s clear her convictions are no deeper than her paycheck. I wouldn’t put stock in anything she says. These are some “Before Trump” clips. (Sorry for the poor video quality.)

History Repeating
Monday, August 23

Flunking the Test
Wednesday, August 26

The CDC no longer recommends that people without COVID symptoms be tested, even when known to have been exposed. This flies in the face of reason and is blatantly political timed as it is with the Republican Convention and given both Trump’s repeated unhappiness with testing and his habit of attributing Deep State political motives to scientific and medical guidance. This move has little if any backing outside the CDC and Politico reports it came as a result of top Administration pressure. Nothing good can come from this, but that’s not Trump’s goal. He’s looking for a false narrative. Well, he can hide the case numbers but not the deaths (see chart) — except you’ll also recall that hospitals are no longer allowed to report to the CDC. They must now report to the Administration where I have little doubt they’ll “round the numbers.” What’s next? No cholesterol tests? No mammograms? No symptoms, no harm, right? Especially since heart disease and cancer aren’t even contagious.


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Thursday, August 27

There are two Republican Parties: The one we’ve seen these past 3½ years and the one we’re seeing this week at the RNC. Case in point: the speech last night by Madison Cawthorn, Republican nominee for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District. His story is a remarkable one, coming back from a horrific car accident that left him paralyzed. My focus here is on his declaration that the Republican Party welcomes immigrants in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. Nice words in this clip here, but how exactly does the Administration put this into practice?

Full speech is available on YouTube

The Week in Memes, Part 1
Sunday, August 30

Once again a number of memes have caught my attention this week. These three point a spotlight on the stark difference in how Black and white people are treated in this society.

The Week in Memes, Part 2
Sunday, August 30

This struck me too, seeing as how my life has been subjected to several Supreme Court rulings.

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