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I believe that life is multi-dimensional. There’s the material realm that we occupy on Earth: comprised of “animals, vegetables and minerals,” as it were. We also occupy an inner mental or spiritual world that is our thoughts and emotions. And, I believe, there is a spiritual realm beyond the material reality we see and know, a realm beyond the ability of science to prove or disprove. It’s a metaphysical, etherial realm from which I believe we all came, to which we all remain connected and to which we will all return upon our deaths. I talk about all this at length in ‘What I Believe‘ for those interested.

This blog reflects all these dimensions of life. I touch on a little of this and a little of that. Probably not everything will appeal to everyone. Using the Categories menu atop this page or in the right side column you can explore those areas that do interest you — “Take the best & leave the rest!”

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy.

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A Monk’s Guide to Happiness

◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL My tagline on this blog is “From Social Justice & Socialism to Mindfulness & Spirituality.” Lately with all the social and political drama in our lives I’ve focused most heavily on the Social Justice & Socialism part. I think now I want to turn my attention more to Mindfulness & Spirituality.

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An Oscar Near-Miss: Short Film with a Giant Heart

◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL I had hoped tonight to be celebrating the victory of a favorite film, Oscar-nominated for Best Live Action Short. Unfortunately it was beat out another nominee, but the film is still a winner. I watch a lot of short films. Two months ago I included one of these films in a

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William Edgar Geil &
the Great Wall of China

The story of my grandfather’s historic exploration of the Great Wall in 1908.
Life 2.0
An in-depth look at meditation and mindfulness with video presentations by 6 of the leading teachers in this field.
LGBT Rights & Culture
A look at the LGBT rights movement and history with a special focus on mainstream and independent LGBT films.